How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

To create Whatsapp Account you definitely need a mobile number. But in a case that if you don’t want to use your own number for Whastapp, you can still use Whatsapp without your phone number. This is little trick, so go through all methods carefully.

Use Whatsapp Without a Mobile Number

  1. 1st Uninstall Whatsapp in the event already installed.
  2. Download and install Whatsapp again.
  3. Now Switch on Flight mode in your phone (it will disable whatsapp’s messaging service). And then launch Whatsapp, when prompted, enter your mobile number. It will now try to send message to server but due to flight mode, it will not able to do so. So, your mobile number will not get verified.
  4. Now it will ask for alternative method for verification, now select through email and enter your email id. Then click on Submit and immediately tap the Cancel option. Whatsapp will stop the verification process.
  5. Then install the Spoof text message to forge the verification message for whatsapp.
  6. Once installed, go to outbox and copy the message details from spoofer application then try to repeat the verification process.
  7. You will have a number in spoof message app. Use it to verify.
  8. You can use this number to connect with your friends on whatsapp without using your own phone number.

This was a simple trick to use spoofed number for Whatsapp and enjoy the services of the best messaging app.

Backup and Restore Whatsapp Chats

Whatsapp restore backup

Whatsapp has a pre-existing backup feature, which automatically takes backup of your Whatsapp messages and conversations on your phone memory. But when formatting your phone or moving on to a new one, you will need an manual backup for Whatsapp. Here is the simple method to Backup and restore all your Whatsapp conversations.

Whatsapp messages Backup for Android phone

Open Whatsapp move to “Settings” then select “Chat Settings” and click on “Backup Conversation” to take manual backup of your all your Whatsapp chats.

Whatsapp Backup for iOS user 

Open Whatsapp click on “Settings ” and tap on “Chat Backup” and then click on “Backup Now” to take manual backup of your Whatsapp chats.

But this will step will only create backup of your Whatsapp Chats, not the images and other media files such as audios, videos. For obtaining backup of your Whatsapp images,audio files and videos. Go to /sdCard/Whatsapp/Media and copy and save it to Desktop of your PC.

Now when you have uninstalled your Whatsapp or Changed your mobile phone, copy this folder back to the same path. Then when you again install the Whatsapp it will ask for Restore backup, tap on the option to restore all your backups of messages and images, videos. That’s how you can recover your deleted Whatsapp messages.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any queries related to Restore Whatsapp conversations or media, Drop a comment and let others know about it.

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